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Content Management 

When your website is built using a Content Management System (CMS) you can have access to add, edit and delete the content of your website using an interface with toolbars, icons and an editable text area where you can enter and format text without having to write code.

Registered Access

A CMS will give you control over the groups of users who have access to different pages on your website, so for example if you want to give away free information but would like to collect the email address of the people who read it, you could make that page available to registered users only, in this way users will have normal access to all the pages on your website except the page(s) you have designated for registered access only and when the user tries to open that page they will be asked to register, giving their name and e-mail address for your information.

E-commerce with CMS

A content management system is an extremely powerful tool when used with an e-commerce website, often referred to as 'shopping cart system'.  You will be able to login and add products, update descriptions and prices, delete products, or just 'unpublish' them which means they no-longer display on your website but are kept in the system so for example if the item comes back in stock all you have to do is 'publish' it rather than create the product from scratch.  

Voyage Monument, Victoria Pier, Hull


Rozegarden puts you in Control

Here at Rozegarden we are proficient in Joomla (CMS) and have found our clients like the interface and are soon updating and editing their websites with ease. We will even create instruction sheets to help you along the way.

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